Cameron Duodu

On Sunday, 3 April 2016, the West Indies beat their old adversary, England, in the Final of the World T-20 Championship in Kolkata, India, to become the only country to clinch the title twice. If you only see cricket as a game – especially when it is played by blacks against nations that have practiced racial discrimination against blacks in the past – you will entirely miss the passion that drives it.

A chance meeting in a hotel and a missed opportunity… How one journalist, with nothing to talk about, had his love of music transformed by a guitar riff and a drum beat. Cameron Duodu shares his memories from four decades ago.

Why does Ghana want to be put on a list of countries who have defined themselves as those who tacitly approve of senseless US actions that often cause the deaths of innocent people, including women and children? Did this African country consider its own security when accepting the Al Qaeda men?

China’s cooperation with Africa promises great benefits for the continent. But the Chinese government owes it to its people not to allow the fruits of the suffering of the Chinese to be monopolised by corrupt African elites. They must carry out thorough due diligence before they give the Chinese people's money as loans to African regimes.

In the light of the recent attack at Bamako’s Radisson Blu Hotel, Cameron Duodu looks at the context of Malian political instability, and how French involvement needs to be re-strategized if it is to have a positive impact.


The West bombs other nations knowing what damage their powerful bombs can inflict on civilian populations, yet they complain when their civilian populations are targeted in revenge. The hypocrisy is beyond belief: As if the non-Europeans who are killed are not human beings.


It is 20 years this week since the murder of internationally renowned writer and environmentalist Ken Saro-Wiwa and his eight comrades by the Sani Abacha kleptocracy in Nigeria. The struggles Saro-Wiwa died for remain unresolved not just in Nigeria but throughout the continent. His brutal death must continue to inspire a deep commitment to the true liberation of the masses of Africa.


“I became depressed on behalf of my age group; for clearly, we have failed our offspring who are to inherit the earth after us. What sort of earth shall we leave behind for them? Will my great-great-great grand-children have any tilapia to eat?”

Ghana has won the Africa Cup of Nations four times. Gyamfi, himself a very successful player, was coach of the national side in three of those wins. He is a legend.

In the Al-Bashir case, South Africa was caught between two conflicting arms of international law: the obligation to execute a warrant issued by the International Criminal Court and the obligation to respect the protocols governing mutual diplomatic relations between South Africa and Sudan.