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The recent freezing of the assets of the former Nigerian dictator, Sani Abacha by the American government indicates that the writing is on the wall for Africa’s lootocrats. But will ordinary Nigerians benefit from the returned money?

The French have a historic role in the current crisis in the Central African Republic in assisting dictators install themselves into power. A way forward is for a Christian and Muslim Monitoring Group to identify individuals perpetrating hate crimes and help bring justice to all victims

What makes African politics particularly fragile is that African politicians inherited weak superstructures from their former colonial masters and failed to dismantle such structures as their political egos sought to step in to the former master’s shoes


Africans yearn to come and go within the continent without visas; to work where they like; and expect to be treated as if they were ‘home’ – despite being far away from the territorial limits into which they were originally born


As a successful author and editor of the influential and prestigious Heinemann Educational Books African Writers’ Series, Chinua Achebe opened the door to many African writers


'I must say I was more than happy when Ankrah was removed from office in April 1968 and General Akwasi Afrifa, a far more polished and liberal officer, became head of state.'


In the unstable Nigeria of the 1970s, this journalist met Chief Awolowo and tried to press him over the political situation in the country. Only later did the writer realize the meaning of Awolowo’s intransigence.


Violence has been visited personally on some of the most illustrious sons of the country in recent years.

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‘We’ve agreed to so many things before – but it’s always in the implementation that we get bogged down.’


Sleazy goings-on in nughtclubs around Lusaka, the presence of legendary old man KK at the stadium in Libreville, memories of the 1993 tragedy in which nearly the entire national side was killed in Gabon… all worked together to propel Zambia to victory.