Mwaura Kaara


Reflecting on how the media and war industries often feed off each other for political and commercial ends, Mwaura Kaara considers the prospects for ‘peace journalism’ that ‘captures the truths as they are without bias or favour’.


Thomas Sankara had a vision to change the way things were, by creating a model of social democracy in one of Africa’s poorest countries. Twenty-three years after Sankara’s assassination in October 1987, Mwaura Kaara calls on Africans to ‘be courageous enough to dream again and visionary enough to act on our dreams.’


As the DRC commemorates 50 years of independence, Mwaura Kaara finds there’s little official acknowledgement of the life of Patrice Lumumba, Congo’s first and only elected prime minister, removed from office after two months and eventually assassinated. The celebration ‘should have reflected on Lumumba’s main contribution to the Congolese struggle’, writes Kaara, ‘his articulation of the idea of a united Congo, a vision that sought to build a united nations across all ethnic and tribal more