Muthoni Wanyeki


‘Life is cheap. And so we are lethargic – until the numbers become too large to ignore,’ writes Muthoni Wanyeki, as Kenyans fail to heed the plight of either their fellow citizens or neighbouring Somalis during the region’s worst drought in 60 years.

Muthoni Wanyeki discusses the uncomfortable – but necessary – process of the ICC inquiry into Kenya’s post-election violence in 2007–08.

Kenya must intervene immediately in Uganda's arrest of Muslim Human Rights Forum director Al Amin Kimathi, who was arrested and jailed on his way to observe the trials of eight Kenyans suspected of plotting the bomb attacks in Kampala during the World Cup final. Not only is Kimathi’s arrest unlawful, Muthoni Wanyeki writes, but the treatment of the Kenyan suspects also contravenes human rights.

After twice postponing the release of its 2009 census results, Kenya has finally revealed that it is home to over 38 million people. Muthoni Wanyeki highlights the sexist and xenophobic elements of the debate on the population figures and calls for Kenyans to resolve their past.

The official outcome of Kenya’s constitutional referendum will not be known until 6 August, but Muthoni Wanyeki outlines three scenarios for what could happen once the final results are announced.

With less than one week to go before Kenya’s constitutional referendum, Muthoni Wanyeki has the sense that the country is going to give the proposed constitution the go-ahead. Despite an initial dip, over the past month support for the document has risen to ‘well over the 50 per cent plus one mark required for it to pass,’ Wanyeki writes.