Chika Ezeanya

Due to a lack of faith in the state’s justice system, an angry mob set four innocent-until-proven-guilty young men on fire three years ago. That same judicial system is living up to the mob’s reasoning by its inability to secure speedy justice for the victims.

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A sustainable and effective post-2015 development agenda for Africa must have its emphasis on building the capacity of Africans to identify, grow and strengthen their own systems and processes.


Today’s young African adults—‘digital natives’— have begun looking to Africa’s own existing potential to solve problems and propel the continent forward. The new knowledge systems they are creating will make the Africa of 2065 independent of foreign burdens and confident in its own momentum.

This fictional account of the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram terrorist group brings out the intense trauma of the experience. It is appalling that, faced with frequent attacks by the terrorists, Nigerian authorities have done little to protect especially vulnerable citizens


The actor George Clooney has in the past campaigned on Darfur. Yet in his recent film he is now campaigning for the return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece and fails to make the same argument for Africa’s stolen artefacts scattered across the Western Hemisphere

Fifty years after Lumumba was assassinated and the passing of Nelson Mandela, Africa’s strategy must now emphasize intellectual and economic freedom. The necessary liberation must now be secured through incisive independent knowledge founded on strength of character, courage and fearlessness

The debate surrounding privatization of public enterprises is a popular and on-going concern of scholars, public administrators and concerned citizens the world over. In privatizing Nigeria’s refineries many issues need to be considered and carefully implemented in order to ensure that the privatization benefits Nigerians

The deaf signer at Mandela’s memorial who confessed to schizophrenia revealed a deep-seated schizoid behaviour among African people. Voices in the heads of African people continue to program Africans to elevate all that is Western; African governments, intellectuals, businessmen, students, teachers and parents continue to suffer from an imitation of all that is non-African and anti-African

This short shows the neglected grave of Thomas Sankara, and compares to how heroes are celebrated elsewhere: the grave of Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Gandhi's place of cremation


Instead of a bust, a life-sized carving, a portrait, or a decent tomb with a headstone and his epitaph, Thomas Sankara’s remains are placed beneath dirt and unkempt surroundings overgrown by weeds. Not that he would have cared