Pambazuka News 516: Voices from Dakar WSF | Egyptian people's power persists

Saharawis in Algerian refugee camps and in Morocco-occupied Western Sahara are watching the revolution wave in North Africa with jubilation and unease. Mass protests in Algeria have been announced - Algeria being the main ally of Saharawis fighting for their independence and the host for around 150,000 Saharawi refugees. For next weekend, marches are announced in Morocco - their occupying power.

Media in Southern Africa still has a long way to go towards gender sensitive reporting in newsrooms, a study by Gender Links has revealed. Most Southern African media houses in 14 countries had very few reports on gender based violence from mid October to mid November in 2009 in a study carried out during that period. A media progress study and gender in media education audit workshop by Gender Links in Gaborone also revealed that Botswana remained in the lower ranks of most categories of more

'The agenda for women’s rights and empowerment in each country must be supported by the political leadership,' says Norah Matovu-Winyi, Executive Director, African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET). In this interview with IPS, she said in future World Social Forums 'there is need to support more women to participate in the dialogues', Matovu-Winyi said. Women learn a lot from each other and in many instances discover that their struggles are the same despite coming from more

African women's rights activists have called on governments on the continent to enforce the texts, conventions and protocols they signed on the protection of women's rights. The associations, from the Gambia and Senegal, are holding a panel discussion on 'Gender and the Media: what approaches for more visibility of the actions conducted by women in the media'. Organised by the Inter-African Network for Women, the Media, Gender and Development (FAMEDEV), the meeting was aimed at identifying more

With the triumphant success of the South Sudan referendum, the transitioning state is looking ahead toward consultations regarding the new constitution and government. Although this transitional phase poses major challenges, it also holds an unparalleled window of opportunity for marginalised groups to push for inclusive rights and representation - especially women. Overall the largest gains for women in Africa have been in states experiencing post-conflict transition, particularly because more