Dennis Dancan Mosiere

The gong of death
Is going to silence
The life bells
And snatch my soul
Take it into deep wells
Dark and unknown...

In your struggle
you exposed traditional chauvinism
Seen through the mirror of self
In your struggle,
There was a sense of weaving a nation
A true nation of humanity and unity...

Afrika sasa tumefahamu
Ni mwamko wetu na akili timamu
Kusaidiana ndo ujamaa uwe mtamu
Waache wanaopiga kelele
Kwetu Afrika ni ngoma na si lele
Kumbuka sera ya Mwalimu nyerere
Waambie wale wasiofahamu
Kujifahamisha watie hamu
Huu wito usambae hadi Lamu
Nairobi hata Mombasa Watamu
Arusha na kule Dar es Salaam
Kusoma na kuandika ndo chemichemi

For Al-flea-ks

am using my ammu-diction
to kill your lexicography…

'I was eleven perhaps ten when I met her
When I was introduced to her
She whose voice was rhythmic
In the mountains of Gusiiland
When she spoke, she drew people from far and wide
They came running and walking
Standing and sitting down, listening
To her soothing rhythmic voice…'

'Mama, was it a mistake
That I existed without your consent
Something you could not avoid...'

S 1

Kenya’s youth are demanding that their government build a Dedan Kimathi museum, says Dennis Dancan Mosiere.