Pambazuka News 521: African awakenings: The spread of resistance


‘In a country where the opposition isn’t strong and structured enough to provide a counterweight to a repressive regime which flouts the principles of democracy and good governance, the media provides a rare space for some amount of freedom of expression. But now, the media have also become part of the Togolese regime’s blacklist,’ writes Bernard Bokodjin.

‘We want our Country, Egypt, to be the best country it can be. One where we all can live and co-exist; one where the state is healthy and functions and all are represented and have rights. That’s what we always wanted and called for,’ writes Sandmonkey in a letter to Egyptians fearful about the impacts of continued protests. ‘If you don’t like something, change it. That was the lesson of the Jan25 revolution after all, you know?’


In the wake of President Mwai Kibaki’s sustained, gross abuses of power while in office, Yash Pal Ghai calls for the Kenyan premier to be impeached.

CISLAC of Lagos ‘note with great concern the tendency of some political parties and politicians to flagrantly disregard the provisions of the Electoral Act in the run-off to the April 2011 elections’ in Nigeria.

Kenya takes shuttle diplomacy to another level.