Pambazuka News 521: African awakenings: The spread of resistance

We the undersigned organizations write to you over the existence of an extortion ring and an upsurge in extra-judicial killings perpetrated by members of the Kenya Police.

Human rights activist Al-Amin Kimathi is languishing in a Ugandan jail after being arrested for alleged involvement in the Kampala bombings. Kimathi had travelled to attend court hearings of other Kenyans who were arrested in Nairobi and whisked away in secrecy to Kampala. Alex Kiprotich reports on the Kenyan government’s failure to take up Kimathi’s case.

The United States helped to investigate allegations and prepare corruption charges against a former Bank of Tanzania director of personnel and administration, Amatus Liyumba, according to leaked diplomatic cables. In the latest Dar es Salaam cables released by the whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks, US deputy ambassador D. Purnell Delly revealed how a team of investigators from New York City’s Department of Investigation helped Tanzanian authorities to prepare the groundwork for the high more

A pensioner has been convicted of trafficking and exploiting an African woman she used as a slave. While it was the first prosecution of its kind, could there be many more cases behind the UK's front doors? Caroline Haughey, prosecuting, told Southwark Crown Court the Tanzanian woman, from her arrival in England, had been 'made to sleep, work and live in conditions that fall by any understanding into that of slavery.'

Six Zimbabwean activists are on trial and may face the death penalty for watching a video about the revolts in Egypt. They had been detained since February 19 and suffered physical and mental abuse. Although released they now have to find US$12,000 bail. A global day of protest in solidarity with the six Zimbabwean activists takes place on 21 March 2011.