Tunde Oyateru

Africa is fast becoming the go-to continent for countries wanting access to the vast and rich resources. But can the countinent harness its potential, negotiate effectively and have the confidence to take charge of its own future, without allowing global financial giants to ride rough-shod over it?

Nigerians and Kenyans have different sensibilities including very different attitudes to the stresses of life, whilst their politicians are very much the same as they continue to line their own pockets

The government should have capitalised on a recent embarrassing incident in which an official was exposed as incompetent to mount a major PR coup against its critics. But it is too optimistic to expect state bureaucrats in Nigeria to see rare opportunities thrust right under their noses


While Nigeria has always had a problem with insecurity, the recent spate of bombings in the country ‘have remained largely faceless, with no one claiming responsibility or offering an agenda’, argues Tunde Oyateru.