Daisy Diaz

Five Cuban men were arrested in Miami, Florida in September, 1998, and charged with 26 counts of violating the federal laws of the United States. Most of the counts were minor and technical offenses, such as the use of false names and failure to register as foreign agents. None of the charges involved violence in the US, the use of weapons, or property damage.

Daisy Díaz, executive secretary of Cuban-African Friendship Association, sent Pambazuka readers this postcard, commemorating both African Liberation Day and the second anniversary of the passing of Pan-Africanist Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem on 25 May.

I hope Kenya people could , and everything will come down, I can see there still some problems unsolved since the elections in 2008, but I hope reason will prevail in the solution of your most crucial issues.

My solidarity to the people of Kenya gets to you all.