Arame Tall


Relief after news of Sall’s win and democratic transition following Senegal’s contested presidential election.


The deadly violence that has broken out in Senegal seems surreal even to the most seasoned analysts of the West African nation’s political evolution. Angry Senegalese believe President Wade has executed a coup to stay in power.

Thanks so much for sharing our story with the world. Our Pambazuka article – – was picked up on AllAfrica and all major international outlets on Africa news, and many friends throughout the world have told me they found out about the Senegalese revolution through your website. Thanks for allowing our voices to be heard and our story to be told in our own words. We are beyond grateful for this.

I'll keep writing as the struggle continues. inspiring uprisings in Senegal represent ‘a ticking bomb finally exploding’, writes Arame Tall, with a highly diverse cross-section of Senegalese society out in force to protest the dearth of economic opportunities, political mismanagement and governmental scandals: ‘What has taken place in Senegal is more