Democratic Left Front

‘Chávez holds a useful mirror against which to assess the extent to which the ANC, the South African Communist Party and other African national liberation movements have long abandoned any hope, belief in, and commitment to socialism given their active political agency to maintain and reproduce capitalism’

The move is part of the bosses’ counter-offensive to break the new spirit of labour militancy

The Democratic Left Front condemns the police for shooting workers in Rustenburg on 27 October.

The Democratic Left Front (DLF) denounces the Chamber of Mines in the way they have responded to the legitimate demands of mine workers.

As of 28 September there is a rising strike wave – mainly of unprotected strikes — around our country, as workers seek to achieve the same victory of the Lonmin/Marikana workers on the wage front.

'We salute SYRIZA for its refusal to succumb to intense pressure to capitulate on its platform of repudiating the pro-austerity memorandum Greece has signed and rolling back the savage spending cuts that were a condition of a financial bailout by European bankers.'

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The Democratic Left Front calls for action against destructive corporate interests that are driving the commercialisation and commodification of the natural environment.

This is a case of sustained state repression against community protests and a violation of basic rights to freedoms of assembly, speech and association.

The working class energies and aspirations that poured out onto South Africa’s streets are one loud clear statement: government must listen to the people as its neo-liberal policies continue to make the rich richer and to impoverish the majority.

It is unacceptable that through the bill close to 17 million South Africans living in the former homelands will be stripped of their constitutional rights.