Esther Vivas

Why would anyone want to make profit from something as basic to human life as food? The capitalist system transforms human needs into commodities, rights into privileges. The present agricultural model must be fought in favour of an alternative that places at its core people’s needs and respect for the land

Global struggles against capitalist economic austerity should take inspirational note of the gains of Spanish workers who have halted the government’s plans to privitise six hospitals. Demonstrations, strikes and occupations deliver results


The current global food system, based on an agro-industrial model, has failed to ensure food security and resulted in profound negative environmental effects. La Via Campesina promotes an alternative model with a feminist dimension.


‘It is necessary to formulate alternative policy options which have their centre of gravity in social struggles, antagonistic to today’s ruling class.’


Africa faces an alarming rise in land grabbing, writes Esther Vivas.