Pambazuka News 549: Special Issue: Tributes to a fallen fighter: Wambui Otieno

This statement dates from 1961, but 50 years later it is being reposted here for its historical and contemporary relevance. The statement notes that, 'neo-Colonialism manifests itself through economic and political intervention, intimidation and blackmail in order to prevent African states from directing their political, social and economic programmes towards the exploitation of their natural wealth for the benefit of their peoples.'

As human rights activists and ordinary citizens risk their lives across the Arab world, a new report argues that we have not yet done enough to empower and protect those who attempt to expose injustices through video. Video, a powerful tool for change, is enabling the public to become human rights activists on an unprecedented scale. The 'Cameras Everywhere' report from WITNESS calls on technology companies, investors, policymakers and civil society to work together in strengthening the more

Heavily armed anti-Gaddafi fighters tightened their siege of the ousted Libyan leader's hometown of Sirte on Monday as hundreds of terrified civilians poured out of the Mediterranean coastal city. Fleeing residents spoke of dwindling supplies of food and water and said Gaddafi forces had attempted to stop people leaving, while doctors warned of a growing humanitarian crisis.


In a male-dominated society where many customs oppress women, Wambui Otieno stood out for resisting the status quo, says Patrick Maina. Her life offers the lesson that women’s equality to men in rights and dignity cannot be realised without a fight.

In your struggle
you exposed traditional chauvinism
Seen through the mirror of self
In your struggle,
There was a sense of weaving a nation
A true nation of humanity and unity...