Sabrina Tucci

Members and supporters of Refugees Welcome Haringey with local MP Catherine West (second from right)'. Copyright @ Amalia Aguirre.

Britain is voting in a snap general election on June 8. From Brexit to security and future immigration policies, the manifestos of most parties will have implications for refugee protection.


On 20 December 2015 at 1.13 pm I received a text message notifying me of a stabbing incident at checkpoint 56 in Hebron Old City near Shuhada Street. News would soon talk of a 35-year-old woman shot with a rubber bullet as she allegedly attempted to stab a soldier, the latest episode of tension between Palestinians and Israelis. “The soldiers do not allow the ambulances to operate; our children are left bleeding until they die. You could be killed just for taking your ID out of your pocket”, more


Human rights campaigner Sabrina Tucci spent a month in the Sahrawi camps in Tindouf earlier this year. Despite the recent kidnapping of three aid workers, Tucci feels she can still confirm that “the camps are one of the safest places on the planet”.