Farooque Chowdhury


Underlying the current climate crisis that will worsen if not alleviated is the greed for greater profits, markets, fuel, and the rape of the earth’s resources. As this continues the ramifications will be increasing insecurity, competition and conflicts for water and scarce resources


The world’s richest nations have admitted that global inequality is appalling. But are they prepared to radically tackle the capitalist system that harbours rich tax thieves and appropriators of labour, who increase their wealth with political favours? A system that safeguards the interests of the minority at the expense of the majority poor?

The US government shutdown is underpinned by a failing economy with a huge debt, massive unemployment, poverty and homelessness. This exposes the limitations of the capitalist economy: It fails to eliminate poverty despite having a lot of riches

cc V M The increased use of drones raises not only questions related to efficiency and reliability, but also questions about ethics, human rights, legitimacy, sovereignty, and the morality of war


The death of President Chavez is a big loss not only to Venezuelans but also to everyone who believes in the essential struggle to create a just society for all. But his revolution, 21st century socialism as he called it, will live on


In a global examination of the survival of capitalism in crisis, the recent International Labour Organisation report shows that workers globally continue to be extremely exploited and capital continues to exact greater profits for the minority whilst finding new ways to justify this heinous system


Despite their endless preaching about human rights to the global South, the so-called developed democracies are themselves blighted by serious violations which they have done little to address


As the COP18 Doha climate crisis talks come to a close, the planet’s climate health is turning worse while conflicting capitals are busy fighting.


Former president, Jimmy Carter, denounces the current US administration for its disturbing and widespread violations of human rights.


Growing solidarity and resistance by Latin American nations to the continuing hyper-hostility of the US towards Cuba demonstrates a new assertiveness in relationships and a shift in political power.