Abdulrazaq Magaji

Let the government of Nigeria proceed with an amnesty for Boko Haram. But it should also announce a package of compensation for individuals and organizations that suffered injustice at the hands of terror group

The southern African nation is now peaceful and petro-dollars are pouring in. Yet the greatest beneficiaries are the United States, Great Britain and Portugal, the evil triad that laboured in vain to abort the Angolan dream

Over the years, Nigerian forces seem to have succeeded in containing Boko Haram terror group. In disarray and having realised they cannot win their war, the group has grown desperate and resorted to attacks on traditional rulers to try and rally locals


The ongoing Israeli onslaught on Palestinians should be a major source of frustration for peace-loving individuals and groups who envisage a peaceful resolution to the Middle East crisis.


People in many sub-Saharan African nations suffer and grumble, but they do not seem willing to pour out into the streets and demand accountability from their leaders. Do they believe change will come by merely wishing for it?

A recent Unesco report confirms that poor funding, inadequate facilities and outright criminal neglect of education take their toll on quality in one of Africa’s richest countries.

Nigerian security forces deployed to quell the Boko Haram menace in Maiduguri have denied engaging in extra-judicial killing of unarmed civilians. Local people should expose the militants among them so that the government can withdraw the troops.

The high cost of maintaining parliaments, some of them mere rubber-stamping money guzzlers, is a luxury African economies can ill afford, as the Kenyan and Nigerian cases show.

In rehashing well-known but better forgotten facts to whip up sentiments, Achebe runs the risk of stoking the fires of antagonism among Nigerians. It is a controversy he can ill-afford given his age and fame.

Nigeria’s 52nd independence anniversary is drowned by hot air over a possible break-up even as questions are being raised about its feasibility.