Abdulrazaq Magaji

It is easy to condemn violent protests by angry Muslims, but often nothing is said to those who provoke these reactions by denigrating the sacred beliefs of others. They are thought to be exercising their freedom of speech.


The disastrous privatisation programme in Nigeria is the epitome of greed, avarice and corruption, benefitting a tiny elite at the expense of everyone else.


While military action may quell the eruption of violence and killing in northern Nigeria, effective action to tackle poverty is needed to rebuild a lasting peace.


A deficit of transformational leadership, dwindling economic fortunes and increasing violence have turned the vast plains of Northern Nigeria into a bastion of despair.


Militant Islam is well known in Nigeria thanks to the atrocities committed by Boko Haram and other radical groups. What is less known, but remains a problem, is the intense conflicts among Muslim sects, which often hurt non-Muslims.