Unemployed People’s Movement

From the 7 to 9 December Unemployed People's Movement, other organisations of the unemployed and the poor, and allies in unions, civil society and other progressive formations will converge on Grahamstown for the first Assembly of the Unemployed.

11 August 2013

A democratic society is defined as a society in which the public has the means to participate in the management of their affairs, information is open and free and participation is safe for everyone.

Recently we had a demonstration in Ext 9 in Grahamstown demanding that the list of beneficiaries for the new RDP houses be made public and people participate in the construction of the low cost houses. To us it was clear that the ruling party is abusing the list for pa...read more

Our country is reeling with shock at the ongoing rape and violence against women, rich women and poor women, white women and black women, by men of all races and classes. And our country is reeling in shock at the levels of corruption. The trial of the Mpsiane's in KwaZulu-Natal has shown just how extreme the situation has become in terms of government corruption. But we are also reeling in shock from the corruption scandals around MTN, the construction cartel and other big corporates that ha...read more

It is an outrage that people who are desperate for jobs were treated in such an inhuman manner. If the apartheid government had done that it would have been an international scandal provoking protests around the world

The government has long tried to channel the few scraps that come to the poor through organisations loyal to it to reward obedience and at the same time repress dissent.

Police disrupt a peaceful party for a child, apparently at the instigation of the local ANC leadership, which wants to crush a rebellion in the area.