Dennis D Mosiere

(English version)

It is me, Masese

Now am coming from Bundo

Look how my body smeared with ebundo* is shining

Am going to the battlefield with a hummer

I have carried with me a spear and a mallet

I have come as a warrior

With warrior spears

Belongings and the spirit of warriors

Listen to the way I play the Obokano*

Trumpets and flutes

I will not close my eyes even if it’s misty

So misty and clumsy like heavy more

I remember the days

when you hold a jar of water

A metal gong

Then you shout that our ancestors must be called

they must be heard

You shout,


Yes we call them

our ancestors

I guess they cheer

our ambition to reunite with them

these lines are a sign

that, like libation,

my soul is yearning

for liberation

unity of mankind

spirituality, may we free our minds