Alex Lenferna

Ironically, by pulling out of the Paris Agreement, Trump, the great negotiator, may expose America to greater global backlash than if he had just stuck with the agreement while doing little to nothing to actively address climate change.


The effects of climate change and the ways that it will lead to increases in migration are both myriad and complex. The issue is: how to assist those who will be displaced by the effects of climate change and not leave them to fall into the gaps of the legal systems we have erected


The future of Africa and the world will be defined by our response to the ongoing climate crisis. In order to effectively confront this era-defining challenge, we need to rethink our development paradigm and move beyond the narrow industrial focus towards a future where the environment and social benefit are seen as intrinsically inseparable.


While climate change was not the issue that defined Nelson Mandela’s “Long Walk to Freedom”, a reflection on his philosophy and life reveals a profound overlap with the principles and commitments of the climate justice movement

We have the ability to limit climate change’s negative effects but only if we act, only if we change, only if we critically revisit and redefine what it is that drives us. We must revisit the goals that motivate us and between ourselves and our environment


Climate change talks are underway in Doha. Until now corporate power and the interests of a global elite have dictated the direction of the negotiations. It will be disastrous if these interests carry the day on the future of climate finance.

A carbon tax could be one policy instrument to tackle climate change, poverty and unemployment if it is designed and used correctly.