Nathan Wangusi

The constitution allows Kenyans in the diaspora to vote and there is adequate evidence of the diaspora’s active involvement in national development over the years. What is more, the African Union now recognizes diaspora as its sixth region. But still this writer has his reasons for urging Kenyans overseas to return

The recent elections showed that tribe is not the main driver of politics in Kenya. But while progress has been made, the fight for democracy has yet to be won, with minority communities, women, the disabled and the Diaspora remaining largely underrepresented

Obama’s message to Kenyans centred on the upcoming elections was received well by politicians on the campaign trail. But what many seem to have missed is the fact that the message was loaded with conditional political promises that isolated a particular candidate

Democratic election is a game of numbers and, as things stand, Kenyans in the diaspora who would have been the proverbial swing voters in the March 4 election have effectively been disenfranchised for political reasons


Two of the four Kenyans charged with crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, are planning to run for president and vice-president in the March 4 election. If they win, the implications for Kenya will be grave.