Biko Agozino


What sort of intellectuals would write a book about a genocidal war in which more than three million lives of their own brothers and sisters were wasted without even acknowledging in the index that the word ‘genocidal’ was used in the text by some authors to objectively describe the atrocities?

The Independent National Elections Commission (INEC) officials erred in law and in fact by declaring that the Anambra State Governorship election was inconclusive

Nigerian leaders are not curse, as former President Obasanjo now asserts. There are historical and structural reasons why people of the country and others in Africa are suffering from incompetent leadership

Adichie appears to be trying to demonstrate that all novels are full of lies but that readers prefer delightful lies to inconvenient truths. That is why novels sell millions of copies while boring scholarly tomes manage a few hundred copies in sales

‘His detailed plot summaries of the movies in the book are so well written that readers may no longer need to see the films after reading his book’

The bombers may have dreamt of finding the final solution to the domination of their chosen sports by people of African descent

Soyinka presents ‘Of Africa’ as a long overdue retort to a white supremacist who had challenged him in Germany to admit that Africans are inferior, otherwise Europeans and Arabs could not have enslaved and colonised them for centuries.


Beyond the limitations of his personal history in the new classic ‘There Was A Country’, Achebe calls on everyone to rebuild an Africa that accommodates all irrespective of race, class, gender or religion.