Alemayehu G Mariam


Ethiopia’s elections in 2015 are likely to be similar to the recent Zimbabwean elections that perpetuated a ‘thugtatorship.’ As long as the US and Europe continue to provide endless handouts, Africa is doomed to remain a thugocracy

The US has been practicing diplocrisy in Ethiopia for the past two decades. It has propped up the regime of the late Meles Zenawi with billions of dollars of ‘development’ and ‘humanitarian’ aid while filling the stomachs of starving Ethiopians with empty words and emptier promises.

Evidence on the hate crime committed at Addis Ababa University does not point an accusatory finger at students but at an invisible hand, possibly the State. The time has come for Ethiopian youth to lead in national healing


Is the US standing with brave Africans or in bed with Africa’s strongmen? Now, at the cusp of the beginning of President Obama’s second term, there are some tough questions about his promises to Africa

The US Ambassador to the UN has coddled, pampered, nurtured and protected the ruthless dictators of Eastern Africa, shielding them from legal and political accountability


If anyone should seek the real definition of courage, let them not look for it in philosophical discourses or the annals of military history. Let them read the words of Reeyot and apply them to their cause.