Abdul Ghelleh

Scramble for fighter jets, panic among law enforcement agencies and the rush to introduce new legislation have been the order of the day for Western authorities in reaction to militant Islam since September 11, 2001. But these strategies are counter-productive as they are not based on a keen understanding of the spreading radicalism in the Muslim world

There have been numerous failed attempts to restore collapsed Somalia over the past two decades. A nation-building model that takes into account the society’s nomadic culture and the deeply embedded historical narratives that shape the people’s worldviews stands a chance.

News reporting about South Sudan is fast becoming a farce, with international news outlets routinely misrepresenting the political crisis as ethnic conflicts. This contributes to local tensions and is sadly not a unique case across Africa.

The Western media misdiagnoses the root causes of African conflicts and reduces them to tribalism and religion as in the respective case of South Sudan and the Central African Republic. The complexity that lead to conflict need to be reported on by the Western media

When the Somali president tried to settle old scores with another clan, opportunity presented itself for Al Shabaab

My two countries are both in crisis: one is a failed state which has become almost permanently a terrorist-invested country; and the other is a recession-hit country with increasingly fragmenting society


The overwhelming majority of non-governmental organisations do more harm than good to livelihoods and sustainable developments in Africa

Besides the bitter political infighting, endemic culture of corruption and the ever-present fear of more tribal and political violence during the upcoming March 4 elections, Kenya’s war on terror has hurt many innocent people


Islamic militancy has taken root in various parts of Africa over the past decade. This problem will not be solved by the US-driven war on terror. The roots of this virulent streak of Islam need to be understood and tackled.