Sam Schramski

Discourses on climate change and sustainable development in Africa have been hijacked with terminology such as ‘mitigation’ and ‘adaptation’ that need to be questioned

The BRICS coalition is investment-driven and has no real interest in the assertion of powers of the formerly oppressed. The alliance is about firms engaging in advantageous trade deals that further the exploits of corporate shareholders and the possibilities of tapping promising markets

Given the injustices of apartheid, heritage has become a surrogate for the black majority in the country to attempt an earnest conversation with a historically privileged minority (whites) and underprivileged minorities (coloureds, Indians, and other Asians) that reaffirms the value and merit of Africanness in South Africa

There seems to be a logic that if we get away from words that invoke the old neoliberal order, and instead transplant terminology from ecosystem science, the future will be secured for millions of hungry Africans. But the unstated agenda remains capitalist accumulation

Though Africa did not feature much in Obama’s campaigns, it does not mean his administration has no interest in the continent of his father’s birth. But that interest has little to do with the wellbeing of Africans themselves.