Pambazuka News 609: Political pied pipers, worker unrest & toilet apartheid


The planned winding down of the global war on terror has major implications for the peace movement internationally and cannot be carried out without vigorous engagement from all.

The Sudanese government continues its atrocities against civilians in the Nuba Mountains region. A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding, yet the international community watches in silence

A group of South African Christians and Christian leaders are in the occupied territories of Palestine on a one week solidarity visit till the 9 December

Democratic election is a game of numbers and, as things stand, Kenyans in the diaspora who would have been the proverbial swing voters in the March 4 election have effectively been disenfranchised for political reasons


Neoliberal sanitation experts attending the Toilet Summit may well argue that the world cannot afford flush toilets for everyone. But the alternatives they propose are failing.