Munyonzwe Hamalengwa


Africa is not yet free, despite formal independence. Most of the continent’s nations are in the grip of criminal regimes whose leaders belong in jail for widespread human rights violations. But those leaders always stand with one another to defeat justice.


Current leaders and the citizens can learn a lot from books authored by previous presidents. Zambia would benefit tremendously from hearing from President Kenneth Kaunda, the founding president who was in power for 27 years. How and why did he make the many momentous and not-so-momentous decisions during his time in office? He owes Zambians explanations.

The first generation of African leaders had some excellent qualities like nationalism, patriotism, vision and less corruption. But they suffered from the grave original sin of staying in power too long by undemocratic means. The continent is still harvesting the sour fruits of their legacies in the likes of Mugabe, Museveni and Kagame.

Obama has opened an economic and political channel to the White House and it is for Africans and others to exploit the avenue. With slightly over a year to remain as President, it is for the Africans to utilize that platform that Obama has created.

The head of the African Union is a woman. The Prime Minister of Jamaica is female. Brazil and Chile have female presidents. The Vice-President of Zambia is female. Female ministers and powerful officials abound everywhere. Women are rising in power.

On September 13, 2015, President Edgar Lungu announced that he had drawn battle lines with Post Newspapers editor-in-chief Fred M’membe and vowed to ‘take him on’ using his powers as Head of State. In most jurisdictions, including Zambia, what President Lungu issued against the journalist constitutes a criminal offence of threatening or uttering a death threat.

Land ownership and its reclaim are the next phases of Africa's struggle for total freedom. Do not now begin to sell off Africa to foreign landownership. No other continent does.

Real tragedy in Zambia as evidenced by the suicide of a student who was denied a bursary to attend the University of Zambia. More than 4000 students out of 6000 were denied bursaries at UNZA this starting academic year. However, for some of us from poor families, education is the only pathway to a different future. During my time at UNZA everybody got a bursary. Of course those were different times. Fewer students. Plenty of money in government coffers etc. There was also a government more

The serious allegations of tax fraud made against the publisher of a Zambian newspaper implicate a number of top ranking government officials and institutions, starting with President Michael Sata. These too should be held to account if there is full commitment to fighting corruption in Zambia

Young people, especially those pushed into difficult circumstances, will find the story of Nelson Mandela greatly inspiring. Pain and struggle are not meaningless or endless, if one remains focused and determined to achieve their goal