Justice for Blacks


The group Justice for Blacks appeals to the Finance Ministers of Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya who are to participate in the forthcoming World Bank Annual Meeting to raise the issue of racial discrimination and reform that is sorely needed within the institution of the World Bank


A year ago, we were hopeful that your presidency would open a new chapter in overhauling the World Bank’s justice system. But a year later, the presidential mantle that we had hoped would dismantle the racist institutional culture seems to be drawn toward the center of gravity of the status quo


Segregation exists in the employment practices and positioning of Africans within the World Bank as a result of racist institutional practice. Africans are muted in the Bank’s boardrooms, where strategic policies that have significant bearings on Africa are set and this needs to radically change


In the quest to end racial discrimination at the World Bank, Justice for Blacks presents an open letter to President Obama beseeching him to honour in deeds the promissory note that the founding fathers of America issued in 1776 that all people are created equal and should receive equal treatment

Claims of institutional racism against black people have dogged the World Bank for decades. The current president has a real opportunity to end the scourge