Margaret Kimberley

The American government bears responsibility for the loss of life at the Kenyan Westgate mall, yet most Americans are totally unaware of America’s role in keeping Somalia in a constant state of war as a consequence of huge omissions in American reporting

The Obama administration is fighting a federal court ruling that would free the remainder of the mostly Black prison inmates convicted under now-defunct, viciously racially disparate crack cocaine laws. The First Black President and his Black attorney general are determined to keep 5,000 people in jail who have no reason to be there


Delivery systems and platforms for information may proliferate at blinding speed, but most Americans have no access to anything resembling the truth. They may know the names of the dead – like Trayvon Martin – but have no clue why they died


Obama’s recent visit to South Africa when the 94-year-old Mandela was hospitalized created a golden opportunity for analysis and a questioning of long held assumptions about both men. The personal triumphs of these two individuals have not translated into success for black people in either of their countries.

Outrage sparked by the recent brutal murder of a British soldier quickly spread around the world. The deed was called depraved, sick, disgusting, savage, horrifying, but this killing was no more awful than those committed by the military from the U.S. or other NATO nations

Audiences cheering the exploits of the Django fictional character do so in part because they mistakenly believe that this work of fiction has no historical basis in it at all