Pambazuka News 616: Islamists, elections and how capitalism fuels AIDS

Obama’s message to Kenyans centred on the upcoming elections was received well by politicians on the campaign trail. But what many seem to have missed is the fact that the message was loaded with conditional political promises that isolated a particular candidate

The Ugandan government has been in the news recently over cases of grand corruption. There is a widely publicised campaign by civil society to clean up government. But what many may not know is that sections of civil are themselves not so clean

There is a growing consensus to establish a continental network of organised inhabitants that will solidify linkages between activist groups across Africa


The eradication of reactionary political Islam from Mali is the unavoidable necessary condition for reconstruction of the country. But it is not sufficient. And as things stand, the current war will be long, costly and painful and its outcome remains uncertain.


The World Bank and its Tribunal need to be held accountable for the systemic and prolonged violation of human rights of its employees of African descent – a crime condemned by a multitude of international human rights instruments. The Bank’s immunity towards these employees should be waived and they should be given another avenue to access justice.