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Pope Francis has used his soft power to speak progressively against an international system that creates and maintains economic inequality and poverty. This year the pope is expected to travel to Africa - a much needed visit for Africans of all faiths as it will once again remind the world of persistent injustices as well as the vast potential of the continent.

Although the mission of Jesus on earth has always been understood as being spiritual, a closer look at his life and work exposes a social and political philosophy geared to building a better world for all people.


There is a lot going on in Africa: Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria, the Ebola crisis, armed conflict in South Sudan, rhetoric of ‘Africa arising’, the dramatic exit of Blaise Compaore, presidential elections... Many of these are issues that tend to make people get too serious and stressed. Uganda’s star comedia Anne Kansiime is offering people some respite.


Sustainable and lasting peace in Africa’s conflict states would be better guaranteed if transitional justice included the rule of law, separation of powers, electoral reforms, decentralization and a democratic ethos nurtured by free media and a vibrant civil society.

Evidently, the existing nation-state model does not successfully handle the global challenges facing humanity. Cosmic state theory proposes a different human organization: a supra-state transcending family, state, market, school, gender, race, party, religious and tribal affiliation. The cosmic state is founded upon the values of peace, justice and sustainable human progress.


The complex history and ethnography of Rwanda that has its roots and fruits in the rest of the Great Lakes Region could hold the key to the country’s prosperity and ultimate survival. In this regard it might be helpful to deconstruct some of the dominant narratives

Given the history of nation-building in Africa, the violent conflict in South Sudan is not entirely surprising. To end it and lay the ground for lasting peace, the protagonists together with regional players and the international community need to isolate and boldly address the deep-rooted causes of the conflict

The East African Community (EAC) modeled on the EU has enormous potential and resources. Resolving political differences and harmonizing with other regional blocks remains the foremost challenges


There lies enormous potential in a genuinely independent media in assisting in the development and democratization process in Africa


Among the investment suitors lined up for Africa, Brazil has close historical and cultural links with Africa and this makes her a more likely partner than other rivals. Africa should develop the chemistry that exists between her and Brazil