Abdullahi Boru Halakhe

Africa is at the centre of seismic global processes that will certainly alter the current US-dominated world order. And America is in a panic.

Since the advent of the ‘second liberation’ a decade ago, the ground seems to have shifted for three key players in Kenya’s political scene: the media, civil society and Western donor nations. Global realities have changed as well, and so these three need to re-evaluate their role going forward


By easily relinquishing a critical agenda setting role, the mainstream media in Kenya appears to have given up on its well-earned position as an accessory to the second liberation for which it paid a steep price. Today, media content is generally vacuous

When will Kenya withdraw its troops from Somalia? The highly publicized military intervention in pursuit of Al Shabaab is no longer a subject of public discussion. Kenya seems to be pushing a hidden agenda in south Somalia and its military presence there is beginning to look like an occupation

Greed is a national trait in Kenya, not just among the leaders but in all the citizens. Everyone wants to get material success no matter what the methods. It the fruit of a seed sown at independence

It seems that Kenya’s middle class of shoppers at Java have become complacent with constitutional change at a time when they should be pushing for further implementation of the constitution

The ghost of the disputed 2007 presidential election and its ensuing violence was omnipresent during Kenya’s 2013 elections, and the overarching message was peace at all costs. Some argue this posture rendered other issues secondary