Pambazuka News 626: Central African Republic & Fighting global inequality and injustice

For now, the Aregbesola-led Osun State government will be in euphoria for a major conquest of the labour movement with the bankrupt sell out of workers by their leaders over the full implementation of the nationally legislated N18, 000 minimum wage

We are concerned that the state continues to vilify our kind and actively violates and harasses our kin. As a result our community lives in fear of violence and abuse

Although the declaration is a major political milestone in the struggle to end impunity for rape in war, not enough states have opened their doors to prosecuting grave breaches wherever they occur despite international law

There is likely to be a crackdown on NGOs and movements ahead of the election. Political parties are illegal in Swaziland

The poems treat a broad range of contemporary social issues in Nigeria. The author has certainly enriched the literary world