Edwin Rwigi

Standard Media

Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration can be summed up in two oscillating swings – promising incredibly big, and falling resoundingly short. He is a showman in every respect, and his First Lady is a part of his duplicitous act. Last week, public ridicule forced Uhuru’s wife to suspend her annual marathon that is meant to raise funds for maternal healthcare.

It is quite evident that the much-hyped summit was not about how the US can help Africa, but rather how the US can reconstruct its relations with Africa for its own interests, especially in the light of the growing presence of the BRICS

China-Africa relations was the subject of a recent debate on Twitter with US-based Kenyan scholar Calestous Juma. Prof Juma blames Africa for its development problems, saying nothing about the West’s imperialist looting and destabilization of African nations, particularly in panic reaction to China’s growing presence.

The rice farmers of Mwea in central Kenya have lived under oppression since the colonial days when an irrigation scheme was established in the area. Successive governments have ignored their plight. But the people refuse to give up their quest for justice

Kenya’s Members of Parliament want a bigger salary. But the country is outraged by this demand. This week, protesters poured out into the streets of Nairobi to say No to the MPs’ greed

How can ties of solidarity be strengthened between continental Africans and black movements in Brazil? To start with, a deep appreciation of a shared of heritage of the two peoples is necessary