Pambazuka News 631: Special Issue: AU/OAU at 50, celebration and reflection

The upsurge of support in the wake of declaring a state of emergency to combat insurgency opens a much-needed window for Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, to change tactics in administering the country

Kenyans must defend the right to protest in all legitimate forms and those who used pigs in the recent Occupy Parliament demonstrations are free to do so, just as those who choose other means have the right to express their views

Genuine all inclusive, society-wide, regional, Africa-led strategies are necessary to resolve the crisis in the Great Lakes region rather than billions of dollars in aid as promised by the World Bank and UN leaders

In a petition, the organisations say the ongoing widespread and systematic nature of human rights violations in Eritrea underlines the need for continued and urgent action by the African Union


Pambazuka News interviewed various officials of the AU Commission and an Oxfam official about the accomplishments of the AU as well as some of the challenges and future of continental integration. Follow the links below to listen to the interviews:

Deputy Chairperson, H.E. Mr. Erastus Mwencha more