Stanley Ibe

9th PALU annual conference in Tunisia
Designed by PALU

The magnificent Ramada Plaza Hotel in Tunisia’s capital city, Tunis played host to lawyers across Africa on 27-29 September 2018 for the ninth annual conference and general assembly of the Pan African Lawyers Union (PALU) whose theme was “One Continent, One People, One Economy: Developing Africa through Continental Free Trade and Movement”.

April 25 was declared Africa Pretrial Detention Day last year. Notably, the Special Rapporteur on Prisons and Conditions of Detention in Africa is leading efforts, together with civil society, in several countries to implement new guidelines that will ensure pretrial detention is in accordance with the fundamental human rights of suspects.

Nigeria’s national conference should address the question of a genuine respect for cultural and ethnic diversity, for if a nation can unite as one family in support of football teams, they can surely unite for the achievement of other national objectives?

Nigerians must demand that their leaders make meaningful the economic, social and political rights of ordinary people as expressed in the 1993 World Conference on Human Rights and Universal Declaration on Human Rights

As we celebrate the 23rd edition of the Day of the African Child (DAC), it is fitting to consider how to ensure better protection for the African child in view of new and emerging harmful social and cultural practices hampering their development.