Pambazuka News 643: Economies of misery, genetically modified colonialisms and Trayvon

11 August 2013

A democratic society is defined as a society in which the public has the means to participate in the management of their affairs, information is open and free and participation is safe for everyone.

Recently we had a demonstration in Ext 9 in Grahamstown demanding that the list of beneficiaries for the new RDP houses be made public and people participate in the construction of the low cost houses. To us it was clear that the ruling party is abusing the list for more

He was shot dead as he documented excessive use of force and other human rights violations against demonstrators, in a joint operation of the Kenyan Defense Forces and the police

In his new collection of poems in pidgin English, Agozino invests efforts in eschewing the haughtiness, detachment and pretensions of the ivory tower language in order to better address issues the way they are in Nigeria

Belinda Allan, who was a founding Director and Trustee of Fahamu, died in June this year at the age of 77. Belinda was a strong supporter of all the things that Fahamu stands for – social justice and human rights. Victoria Britain, in an obituary in the Guardian Newspaper (14 July 2013), refers to Belinda’s 'early days of Amnesty International, [as a co-founder in] the successful launching of refugee studies as an Oxford University discipline, to years of active support for Palestinians in more


The African media and AU have paid scant attention to the tragic murder of Travyon Martin in the US. Africans should care about the case because Trayvon could have been any one of the Black African males living in or visiting the US