Pambazuka News 639: SPECIAL ISSUE: The Diaspora and Africa's development


A post-2015 agenda must not only focus on jobs but must also be bold in setting some goals for job-creation. The diaspora has a big role in this. After all, what good is development if it doesn’t result in decent jobs?


While remittances from the diaspora remain a vital part of the development agenda of Africa, the engagement is about much more than remittances. African diasporans are, in increasing numbers, actively engaged in nation building in Africa as well as in their domiciles abroad


The UN High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development in October 2013 will consider what role – actual and potential – migrants and diasporas play in development, and in the global development framework. Key trends in thinking and policy-making on migration and development are examined


Africa’s development remains in the hands of Africans. However, the role which the diasporans play will depend on their own awareness and recognition as being a part of this bigger picture


Business support programmes tailor-made for the diaspora have demonstrated that when entrepreneurs have access to quality business support, including access to finance, they flourish