Ali-Masmadi Jehu-Appiah


Like many trade agreements, the draft Protocol is more about protecting and consolidating corporate profits than it is about trade or development. The process has systematically excluded farmers from the deliberations.

Despite the determination on the part of the powers that be to push the UPOV-compliant Plant Breeders' Bill and GMOs down the throats of Ghanaians, they have been compelled by the mounting local and international pressure to beat a retreat


Food Sovereignty Ghana is calling for an open debate on the issue of GMOs to set the record straight as well as to generate answers and questions in order to inform the Ghanaian public, instead of attempting to impose GMOs on people without their knowledge or consent


The Insight newspaper is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Its contribution to the democratization of Ghana and its founder’s indefatigable spirit are outstanding


The US embassy in Accra has been heavily influencing Ghana’s Biosafety Committee. There is nothing safe in entrusting Ghana’s agriculture in the hands of a Committee that remains unknown to the public and who have vested interests in genetically modified colonialism


Ghana is on the verge of starting to test Genetic Engineering (GE) of seeds. It will poison Ghana's and Africa's food supply as well as co-opt and contaminate its land and water. African farmers must be free to maintain their own forms of agroecological farming