Pambazuka News 645: SPECIAL ISSUE: Media in Africa: The fight for freedom continues

Steal big and damn the consequences. After all, law is made to be broken! No one should delude himself that a tainted person will back laws that could mean a long spell in jail for them. That is the tragedy in Nigeria’s war against corruption

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By easily relinquishing a critical agenda setting role, the mainstream media in Kenya appears to have given up on its well-earned position as an accessory to the second liberation for which it paid a steep price. Today, media content is generally vacuous


The media landscape in Africa is quite diverse. And although spirited campaigns for media freedom and freedom of expression have resulted in the repeal of repressive laws in some countries, old and new challenges persist. Now there are interesting debates about the place of the media in the continent’s development


There is growing fear and self-censorship in Tanzanian newsrooms following violent attacks on journalists in recent months. The country is fast losing its reputation as a peaceful and tolerant society