Audu Liberty Oseni

The fuel subsidy regime was a huge scam in the Nigeria oil and gas sector, with the state colluding with its friends to steal from the people. It was during this time that entrenched corruption such as inflation of the subsidy figures, the rise of proxy marketers, over-invoicing and non-record keeping became common.


Despite strong-arm efforts to stamp out unlicensed local refining in Africa’s largest oil producer, the practice continues and is a major source of livelihood for those involved. Maybe it is time the government recognized and regulated local oil refining instead of relying on imports of petroleum products.

In the recent elections, citizens posted results from location almost simultaneously with the counting, making it impossible for unscrupulous players to attempt to tamper with the outcomes. Social media is now a powerful tool to protect democracy.


With the abduction of the Nigerian girls, the government of President Goodluck Jonathan has refused to exchange the girls for imprisoned Boko Haram members. Whilst the government has been in dialogue with some sect members in regards to amnesty and clemency, it seems the insurgency brings political gains to the government

The African continent accounts for only one percent of global manufacturing. To reverse this dismal state of affairs government must lead the process of industrialisation with political will channelled into education, science and technology, which are the missing links to West Africa’s future