Pambazuka News 650: Fatal flaws: AU’s ICC tantrums, profiling women and foreign interventions

Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA (FHALMA) are sad to announce the death of Jessica Huntley on Sunday, 13 October 2013, at the age of 86.

Effective translators must be like the texts they handle — at once bilingual and bicultural. The meaning of a text is to be found within its cultural, historical and literary contexts.

In the glaring rays of the

Rising Sons and Daughters of the

Global Poor and


Revealed stinging

Infectious Mosquitos

On the flesh of an


Marauding and

Violent giant

As years increased and

High levels of



Larceny and

Injustices are revealed

Attacking Mosquitos multiplied

Weakening and overwhelming

The giant and its surrogates

Till they were no more

Collapsed by Mosquitoes

Whose bites can only

Be healed by


Justice and


The authors’ bold attempt to provide a theoretical framework for explaining the great divergence in living standards between the prosperous and poor countries in the world, unfortunately, fails to take account of the historical context of uneven relations between particular societies

The book, among the few in French, details New Delhi's ambitions in the continent and seeks to make African leaders and public opinion aware of the new “Indian reality” that is currently taking shape in the continent