Lloyd McCarthy


The authors reject the capitalist view of poverty as the failure of individuals due to their personal attributes or as a correctable defect in modern capitalism. They explore critical pathways of thinking about organization, resistance, rebellion and revolution, offering different views on ways in which the underprivileged are defined, the forms in which they resist and obstacles to popular uprising.


Formulating a correct national solution to social problems with deep economic and political roots -- such as the Ferguson case which exploded as race riots -- requires correctly identifying the germ of the problem and expressing it in the mainstream with correct ideas that are guided by the principle of creating a good and just society. That is the hallmark of good leadership.


Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture, 1941-1998) was a history maker but also the product of the long, drawn out, historical struggle of Blacks against the oppression of the Western ruling elites and their economic system