Olúfémi Táíwò

Africans are intoxicated with profound religiosity that fails to respect the secular. Yet, the reality is that God-intoxicated prelates, alfas, and imams do not realize how arrogant their pronouncements are and how their inebriation makes them unaware of how ungodlike their behavior is

There is no nice way of stating an ugly truth. As at this writing, the entire continent of Africa, from Cape to Cairo and all points in-between, is under the rule of mendicants enabled by a coterie of intellectuals who are either in profound denial or otherwise think there is something inevitable about Africa’s begging ways in world affairs.

African leaders and their intellectual enablers in the cozy confines of their Chinese-donated palatial headquarters in Addis Ababa think nothing of justice, forget respect when they ask for immunity of prosecution. This is nothing more than moral abdication