Hala Al-Karib


President Trump’s temporary order banning people from seven majority Muslim nations from entering the United States is a most unfortunate and thoughtless decision. The order targets people who have neither the desire nor the capability to carry out hostile actions against America. What’s more, these people are from some of the countries that have been destroyed by the misguided policies of America and its allies.

Meriam Ibrahim Yahya is incarcerated and shackled in Sudan'sOmdurman Women’s Prison. Her twenty-month old child is with her, and she recently gave birth in prison to her second child. Charged with apostasy last month month, she faces flogging and then death by hanging.

Through the years, the discourse about South Sudan has merely focused on power, wealth and armed conflict. The issues of identity, citizenship, unity and constructing the social fabric of the country have never been part of the conversation

The past 25 years have witnessed fundamental sociopolitical and cultural changes in Sudan. Women have been the terrain of many of the uneasy shifts in the country, even down to their skin, which they are now being encouraged to bleach