Pambazuka News 662: SPECIAL ISSUE: Amilcar Cabral and the unfinished African revolution


In this special issue on Amilcar Cabral we seek to return to the life, writings, legacy, political, social, economic and cultural insights of this revolutionary figure whilst examining what he means to Africans and their struggles of today


Of all the African political leaders none have made more profound theoretical and strategic contributions to the advancement of the black liberation movement than Amilcar Cabral. As long as capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy, patriarchy, imperialism, and neo-colonialism exist as forces that exploit and oppress African (and all) people, Cabral’s insights and analysis will always have relevance


Africa’s post-colonial history is one of unfulfilled missions because the national leadership has been lacking in revolutionary theory and ideology. Since so-called independence, Africa is still awaiting that moment when leaders such as Cabral will once again rise to the occasion and drive an agenda for the total liberation of Africa, from all vestiges of imperialism and neo-colonialism


Some of the men who apparently revered him were amongst those who would eventually betray Cabral to imperialist forces. He was not the first nor the last victim in the long line of treachery, which stretches backward along the road to African decolonization


Amilcar Cabral rejected the notion that culture is primordial, immutable. He was not only interested in change, or how culture changes, but in how this change could be produced. For him then the nationalist liberation movement could point to the direction national culture could be moved