Joshua Myers


The supposedly self-evident idea that the nation-state is the logical form of political organization for the destruction of colonialism and for the remaking of African lives is patently false. True African liberation will not occur within the colonial structures of power erected by – and inherited from - Empire.


The 2014 US-Africa Summit was a significant event but left many issues crucial to the advancement of Africans untouched. Key among those unmentioned matters was the importance of continental-diasporan collaboration


The artists, writers and thinkers of Africa must work towards a future based on Africa’s past, and not one reliant on a global system which is itself reliant on the subjugation of African culture.


The ideas and example of Amilcar Cabral are an important link in the global quest for African liberation, a mission that, despite certain appearances and protestations to the contrary, persists. Cabral’s vision provides a theoretical roadmap for conceptualizing true freedom for Africa