Pambazuka News 666: Fighting inequality: Malcolm X, the Chinese and Davos dreamers


Malcolm X, otherwise known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, was a fierce African American human rights crusader with an international agenda. Progressive people commemorating his assassination this week reflect on his legacy to the Black struggle and to all people around the world who are oppressed by imperialism and capitalism

Few remember that Germany once had several African colonies.
Berlin is seeking to revise its constitutional restraints on its pacifism and absenteeism in military engagements by increasing its troops to Mali. It seeks no longer to remain on the side-lines of world politics

The African Union (AU) deserves applause for standing up to the European Union and choosing Mugabe as First Vice-Chairman of its executive. The AU has greater challenges to face in the context of recolonisation and imperialist domination to control Africa’s resources

A debate has started about the code of conduct that will define the preservation of public liberties. The courageous Edward Snowden has achieved his goal to a large extent. His action should also contribute to a reflection on whistleblowers and their protection

The Western media misdiagnoses the root causes of African conflicts and reduces them to tribalism and religion as in the respective case of South Sudan and the Central African Republic. The complexity that lead to conflict need to be reported on by the Western media